Nardamageddon Day

I was just browsing through my Yahoo! Messenger contacts and when I saw Tani’s (Narda’s guitarist) status message, I was shocked. Yes, even before I got to read it in the mailing list, Narda is disbanding and with that, they’ll be having a farewell gig on April 12 in Saguijo and as well as the launch of their music video Gasolina. It is a sad news indeed. Ryan of Narda even posted about it in Multiply.

So far, Narda has released:

  • a postcard from (4-track EP), October 2002
  • Suwerte, (4-track EP) December 2002
  • burador (4-track acoustic EP), early 2003
  • salaguinto’t salagubang (5-track EP), summer 2003
  • Formika (12-track album), March 2005
  • Discotillion, (11-track album) September 2006

Read more in Narda’s Wikipedia entry for more information.

Narda fanboy Rain Contreras talked also about it in his blog. Lead vocalist Katwo Librando has a new all-girl band Duster. Thanks to Rain for the information 😀 Tani (Narda’s guitarist) is looking for a drummer, a sign of a new band coming up.

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