My Nephews’ New Toys

After seeing the high grades of my nephews in their periodical exam, their Dad bought them a set of toys as their reward. See them in action.

Superman attacks Big Teddy

Unfortunately, SuperMan has recently lost his right arm. I just hope Doctor Mighty Bond will cure him.

Spiderman sneaks out

Spiderman is the favorite of Lance. Lance thinks that his alter-ego is Spiderman. Hehe.

Batman attempts to rescue the girl from stiff neck

The most unfortunate among all of their toys is Batman. Batman was just beheaded. It looks like that Doctor Mighty Bond cannot do anything about it. It made Justin sad because it is his favorite.

The Hulk is sick?

Lance asked earlier,

Lance: May sakit ba si Hulk? Kulay green kasi siya eh…
Kuya: Green talaga kulay ni Hulk…

Hehe. Kids huh?

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