Mister Kabab

I wanted to try the food at Mister Kabab ages ago upon hearing it from Isi way back in college. I had the chance to eat there last Friday and traveling all the way to Quezon City from work is indeed worth it. For those who do not know about Mister Kabab, it is located at the corner West Avenue and Quezon Avenue in Quezon City and they serve sumptuous Persian cuisine. A lot of people eat there and we were lucky that there are seats available. One of my friends even told me that it usually takes a long time to be seated inside the restaurant and even if it would take them longer to get a seat there, they would wait for their love of Persian food being served at Mister Kabab.

The restaurant is open air with a roof. It’s not a good idea to eat there if it rains really hard especially if the rain is accompanied with strong winds. No one wants to have dinner or lunch like that right?

If you plan to eat there, be sure to bring at least a pack of crackers so that you won’t have to worry of getting ulcer. It is good to be ready for a long battle. 😀 And if you are going to bring your car, park it around the area since there may not be enough parking space in front of the establishment.

The hot sauce there is not comparable to the typical off-the-shelf hot sauce available from the supermarket. Thus, do not pour a lot of hot sauce onto your meal. 😀

Happy eating!

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