Midnight Madness at Day Time

me so corny
Me So Corny shirt at People are People for 499 bucks!

The traditional Midnight Madness at Glorietta usually falls on a payday. However, the payday should be on a Friday because people who usually work around Makati would stop by first at Glorietta to enjoy some amount of what they’ve worked hard for. Just this afternoon, I just went malling with some friends. We just shooted some hoops at TimeZone until our arms were tired already. Of course that was readily proven by the deterioration of my performance (which is inversely proportional over time). And that is from 39 points (first set) down to 13 points (4th set). After breathing a little, I tried playing Time Crisis 3 which is a very violent game because you just keep shooting on anyone and reload your gun everytime it’s needed. Even though it’s violent, playing the game would enhance your hand and eye coordination (also include the foot because you have to press the pedal from time to time to reload your gun).

After which we went down and go window shopping. First stop was at People are People where I saw the “Me So Corny” shirt (see picture above). Most of my friends could attest that the shirt was meant for me for some obvious reasons. Still, I didn’t bought it. We also checked out some stuff at Terranova. I have noticed that everytime there is a Midnight Madness Sale at Glorietta, the three mannequins were always undressed. I have also noticed inside that they sort the clothes not by according to type but by according to color. They should be called Ternova instead. I know what you’re muttering in your head right now and that could be something like this:

“Karla, ha-ha (stressing on the haha’s), magwarning ka naman pag magjojoke ka!”

Just give me the corn on the cob will you? Cornbits anyone?

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