Medical and Construction World Collision

When I was along EDSA going to a client call I saw a big sign at Caltex. The sign says, “Effective May 17 this site will undergo minor surgery”. As soon as I finished reading, I read it again since I thought that I was having hallucinations. And when I was able to confirm that I was not having such, I realized that I should have brought my camera with me. I even sent an SMS to some of my friends and colleagues that also loves spotting one-of-a-kind signs and taking pictures of it. One replied that we should all be thankful that it was not having a bypass surgery. The other one replied that they should have used the word renovation. And a shocked friend asked me if it is really for real. The idea of going back just to take a picture of that sign lured me. If by any chance you pass by EDSA (the side of EDSA going north), just look for that sign at Caltex.

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