I was just surfing the net this afternoon when my brother called,

Kuya: Karla, naiwan ko yung susi ng kotse sa trunk eh. Padala naman dito sa office ng spare key.

With that, I was thinking, “Yes, I’ll be out of the house, I’ll be exposed to the horns of the buses and cars and the city pollution as well.” And so, I went to Makati by bus. As the bus pulled over at Ayala MRT Station, I got up from my seat, took a deep breath and prepare myself for the marathon.

At first, I was tempted with the idea of just riding a bus at Ayala Avenue but then, I miscalculated. I thought that walking from Glorietta to PBCom Tower by foot would not be too much exhausting.

Upon arriving PBCom Tower, I was saying again to my mind, “At long last, I’m here.” I walked on to the elevator and then it zoomed up. When I reached my destination, I saw my brother near the entrance. He was saying,

Kuya: Parang hindi naman ito yun eh (looking at the key)

Then, we went to the parking lot and tried the key that I brought. At last, it worked. He got the original key and then, I made another marathon from PBCom Tower to Glorietta. At least, when I walked back, I was with my High School friends. I waited for my brother there and he treated me out at North Park… “Yummy… MSG… MSG… MSG…” Hehe. Actually, I don’t like dishes that are heavy on MSG because it makes me dizzy.

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