Makati Girl

By next week, I will be a fully pledged Makati girl. I’ll be wearing again my oh-so corporate get-up that has been stucked inside my cabinet a month ago. No more waking up on late mornings or just after lunch. If it should be done, it should be done on a weekend only or on a holiday. Enough of the I-am-lazy-to-get-up attitude in the morning for there is such a thing as “Thou shall not be late”. Prepare for the five-day walkathon challenge that happens weekly. There are two walkathon challenges daily. If I chose to have lunch at the Paseo Center, Glorietta or Greenbelt then I should prepare myself for more walkathon challenges. Thus, if I am not opting for an additional exercise, I should just buy something from the Jollijeep or just bring a packed lunch. Also, I should bring a jacket that would keep me warm in an air-conditioned environment. College has been a good training ground of constantly hearing green jokes for a male-dominated division in which I chose to be assigned. Lastly, this is going to be a fun working experience. Hehe!

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