Longest Line Competition

I remembered last year that Close Up sponsored an event where they’d be breaking the record of the most number of couples kissing at the eve of Valentine’s Day. But they were not able to break the record. However, they were successful in getting the record for the World’s Largest Photo Mosaic. The billboard ad space that they’ve occupied must have cost them a whole lot. However, they’re really wise in coming up with a contest that they could use on their photo mosaic. Just imagine how much they have saved. Instead of paying all of them, they got the pictures for a lesser price since all they have to do is to have a raffle. And I must say, really wise for making it clear that the photos will become the properties of Unilever. We could actually do away with the photo mosaic. How about making a Guiness world record of the longest line made at a government office?

With that, the only cost of it would be the media coverage. This could probably awaken some government agencies to make their services more efficient and putting fixers out of business. Fixers make a lot, but they do not pay taxes. Apart from that, fixers have inside connections inside. For their business to prosper, they have to share their blessings. And yes, a generous share of their blessings goes to their respective connections. Fixers in LTO (Land Transportation Office) are very much rampant. But how come, they’re just lurking around, ready to take away the inconvenience in waiting at an almost infinite line.

When I was applying for my NBI clearance earlier, I haven’t had any offers from fixers. And I’m glad that they’re strict with it. However, there are a lot of things that should be improved.

And one more thing, I just can’t get why they transferred it to Carriedo Mall. A commercial property and a government bureau or agency? Now that’s a strange combination.

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