KROQ Inland Invasion

My friend Ron invited me to watch KROQ’s Inland Invasion on the 17th of September since he has two extra tickets. And the line up consists of Beck, Bloc party, Bravery, Cake, Garbage, Jet, Live, Madness, Oasis, 311, The Arcade Fire and Weezer. Too bad I cannot come. I’m in the Philippines and all I need is a plane ticket to US (it has to be a roundtrip ticket of course) and some pocket money.

When I was in High School, Oasis rocked our world with Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova. And during that time, I bought a songhits with those songs and started playing Wonderwall since the Champagne Supernova chords didn’t seem to match with the actual one. Then, when I heard the song Ember, the songs of 311 became a part of my music playlist. Then, when we were having our OJT way back in college, I got loads of MP3s from my thesismate and a couple those are Pink Triangle and Buddy Holly by Weezer. Then, Lightning Crashes and Selling the Drama by Live appealed to me when I was in High School.

I wish I could go there but I can’t. If I’ll be having trips within the month, it’s most likely to be within the Philippines. Or if not, within Asia at least. Hehe.

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