Kris Kringle Rules

Recently had Kris Kringle with some of my friends and colleagues at work. It feels good to do gift giving once again in person. Ever since the pandemic, we did exchange gifts by ordering at Lazada or Shopee and having it delivered to the address of the person one has picked.

Rule 1: Never reveal who you got

Once someone does, every one gets to pick a new one. This may spoil those who have bought gifts ahead that are specifically meant for those they got.

Rule 2: Get a gift based on the category

Be creative. And give something that either the person likes or based on one’s personality without disregarding the chosen category.

Rule 3: Stick with the set budget

Let’s not make others feel guilty by going way past the budget and let’s not make others feel bad by going way below the budget.

Bonus content:

Some Kris Kringle ideas for your party:

1) Something colorful

2) Something illegal – This is subject to interpretation. It does not necessarily mean illegal literally.

3) Something long and hard

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  1. Truly miss Kris Kringle. We have Secret Santa here in Oz land. But not as fun and creative back home. Keep Blogging @red_door08 and @scrappydog will keep on keeping on.

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