Kjwan’s 13 Seconds to Love Album Launch

13 Seconds to Love Kjwan Album Launch

For me, this is the biggest album launch that I’ve ever been to. The album launch of Kjwan’s third album entitled, “13 seconds to Love” was held at the A. Venue Hall. Me and Sha was able to go to the event by buying the December-January issue of PULP magazine which is better than buying the 200 pesos worth of tickets (per head) and buying 6 cans of Red Horse Beer (and yes, you have to bring the 6 cans to the event).

Kjwan’s album is preloaded on all Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phones. So, the buyers of the phones will get the album. All of the songs are not DRM-free (Digital Rights Management) though. Their latest album features their latest single “Lifeline”.

Here’s the track list of the album (containing 11 tracks):
– 13 Seconds to Love
– What About Us
– Pause
– Sunny Weather
– Dance on the Floor
– Complicated
– Meron Ba
– Drowning
– Masilayan
– One to Life
– Lifeline

Other bands that performed in Kjwan’s album launch are: Even (Winner of 2008 Red Horse Muziklaban), Salamin, Faspitch, and Out of Body Special.

Album Launch Highlights

The Dancing Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls at the Kjwan Album Launch

Yes. There were dancing girls dressed with skimpy clothes on stage with the band. First, we only saw their shadows. The curtain then fell down and voila…

Sexy Girls at the Kjwan Album Launch


There are fireworks that were set up on stage that made me remember of last year’s Eraserheads Reunion Concert. There were also some fireworks in some parts of the event while Kjwan was playing.

Radioactive Sago Project on-stage with Kjwan

Nice to see Kjwan perform with Radioactive Sago Project. Of course, Lourd prepared some poetry and ended with the words “Bastusan Na”. 😀

Kelley Mangahas and J-hoon Balbuena sang

Kelley Mangahas (also of Dicta License) sang one song there. Of course, Marc Abaya still fills in some parts of the song. J-hoon Balbuena also sang there (yes, while playing drums) with Marc Abaya.

It was quite obvious that they’ll be having an encore. They made an exit and the lights were turned off. The crowd shouted for more (well, Lifeline, their current single, was not yet played). And so, they came back. 😀 This one reminded me of Up Dharma Down’s album launch that was held at RCBC.

I took some videos but I’m not done uploading all of them yet. 🙂

View more photos here.

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