Kitchie Nadal at TXTube last night

Last night I was able to catch Kitchie Nadal‘s performance at TXTube last night where she played two songs with the band such as Run and Wag na wag mong Sasabihin. Because of that, I remembered my first and so far, only close encounter with Kitchie Nadal at Wombworks Recording Studio at Marikina. I was sitting at the sofa, playing the 12-stringed guitar there then she approaches and says,

“Patabi ha”

I just smiled and just nodded then kept on playing the guitar. Then, I saw that she was reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. After which, I started the conversation, I asked,

“The Alchemist yan di ba?”

Then she said,


After that we were already having a chit-chat, she asked from what school I was and then she found out that we were schoolmates. At first, she thought that I was part of the band that was inside the studio. Then, she thought that I was one of those who were being taught by Louie Talan on how to use the Mixing software or whatever-you-call-it. I said that the band inside the studio are my friends and they just tagged me along. Then, I was doing this guitar riff that I do not know where did I got it. I just played it because I liked how it sounded. Then she said,

“Okay yang riff mo ah”

Then she added,

“Patugtog ah.. paparinig ko sayo yung compo ko”

Then, I gave her the guitar and she was playing the song she composed. Then, she borrowed my guitar pick.

And of course, I even forgot to mention that in the middle of our conversation, I asked an embarassing question. Geesh. I asked her name. Darn. I was not able to recognize her because she got herself tanned. Hehe.

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