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Would you bother watching a film just to find out its errors? If you do, then, you watch movies differently just like the creators of MovieMistakes.Com. In fact, the blockbuster hit Spider-man 2 has reached 44 errors and I am not sure if they are still counting. And yes, Spider-man 1 has also several errors like its sequel.

Some errors in the movie are:

Example of a Factual Error
In the scene where Peter Parker is at class in college, his professor asks for eigenvalues. Peter promptly answers in electron volts. Eigenvalues deal with linear algebra and matrices, and have no units. An electron volt is an energy unit, particularly for atomic and nuclear processes.

Example of a Continuity Error
As Mary Jane is reunited with John Jameson after Spider-Man lowers her down from the crane, one shot shows tears along Spider-Man’s suit along the left leg while he is crouching. However, in a later shot, he stands up to swing away and the tears are now running along his right leg.

Example of a Plot Hole
During Doc Ock’s first fusion presentation, he has decided not to thoroughly pre-test the experiment, not provide eye protection for his guests, not provide any barrier between his guests and a fusion reactor, not provide an easy to find “kill switch” (pulling out bundles of unwieldy cables is not an easy disconnect), not have a back-up set of arms, to test in a room full of metal objects (we know that magnetism is a problem; he mentions that the arms must be resistant to magnetism), and to test an experimental fusion reactor in an unshielded apartment building in the middle of crowded New York City. It is possibly the worst planned experiment ever. This goes way beyond being “assured that everything will go as planned.”

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