Kawayan Cove

Kawayan Cove
Kawayan Cove (Nasugbu, Batangas)

I was fortunate enough to be able to go with other bloggers at Kawayan Cove despite of the bad weather last Thursday. Kawayan Cove is not a public resort where you could just go there, pay and swim. It’s a 68-hectare seaside residential area in Nasugbu, Batangas. One thing that I noticed when we toured around is that it’s a low-density residential area which was conceptualized by the developer Edge Properties Development Corporation.

Welcome Drink at Kawayan Cove
Welcome drink (Calamansi Juice)

One of the amenities that we enjoyed last Thursday is the Bamboo Beach Club. Of course, we weren’t able to swim because of the weather. A few minutes after we arrived, we were served with welcome drinks. It was a cool and refreshing calamansi juice that was served.

Furniture at the restaurant at Bamboo Beach

There’s a restaurant also at the Bamboo Beach where we had an awesome lunch(for posting on foodtrippings.com) that we feasted on after Anton Diaz‘s talk on everyday photography with some tips on travel and food photography.

The beach club has an outdoor spa, a bar that serves fruit juices and more, a hut where you could enjoy a view of the beach.

Meditation Point

After lunch, we went to Meditation Point where one could enjoy a spectacular view while either having an emo moment or a hyper moment by having a jump shot. To the left of Meditation Point, you’ll see this resort while to its right, you will see this.

Kids' Paradise
Mango Grove

Next, we went to Mango Grove where it has a unique path to walk on, picnic grounds, a park where Eric enjoyed relaxing on a hammock while being a model, a children’s playground where Phoebe enjoyed the Spider Woman photo op, a kiddie pool, a tennis court and a basketball court, and an amphitheater. After this, we went back to the Bamboo Beach Club where we’ve had two of our favorite photos printed on a postcard-size paper.

Anyway, please do take note that the amenities in the resort may only be enjoyed by house and lot owners there. It’s not open for public. Also, please do take note that we were invited to go there.

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