Karl Roy with Louie Talan on the backgroundKarl Roy has been one of the most prolific icons in the scene. He was first known with the band POT where their album was re-released due to insistent public demand and it was indeed evident in the mailing list of Kapatid. He was absent from the music scene for quite some time because of a terminal illness. His band Kapatid was formerly composed of Nathan Azarcon (bassist), Ira Cruz (guitarist) and Chico Molina (guitarist) who died because of suicide. Drummer J-Hoon Balbuena is still their drummer and he is also with Kjwan. Then, Louie Talan became Nathan’s replacement. Louie Talan has become one of the most respected bassists in the scene. He was known with his stint with Razorback and with Brain Salad which is a collaborative project. Finally, their new guitarist is Angelo Elemos.

Kapatid’s 2nd album will soon be out and it is entitled as Luha. The carrier single of their 2nd album is “Doon” and you could vote for it at the Midnight Countdown. Check out their website.

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