Kalayo: same music, different name

Kalayo at Saguijo - 5

Kalayo is the band that was formerly known as the band Pinikpikan. Even though their name has changed, their music is still the same. It is the same music we know that is still inspired by indigenous music. The name was changed two years ago if I’m not mistaken. An explanation was posted on their Pinikpikan multiply site regarding the name change. In addition, if you would like to get the updated gig schedule of Kalayo, they have a Multiply site.

Kalayo at Saguijo - 8
Louie Talan

I’m glad that I was able to see them live last week in Saguijo. 🙂 Kalayo is Sammy Asuncion, Louie Talan, Boy Garrovillo, Budeths Casinto, DJ Rodriguez, and Reli de Vera (also of Sino SiKat?). Too bad I was not able to take a close-up photo of Reli de Vera. Please check out the rest of my Kalayo photo set in Flickr.

Kalayo at Saguijo - 1
Budeths Casinto and Boy Garrovillo

Kalayo at Saguijo - 3
DJ Rodriguez

Kalayo at Saguijo - 16
Sammy Asuncion

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