Just when I was about to work

It happened this morning. I just got in the office. Turned on my computer and punched my time card. Then, when I was about to sit down…

“Houston, we have a problem”

Yes, a brownout occurred earlier. I had my day all planned out and it is because of those power interruptions that the word “petiks” was introduced. I have to finish the slides and the training materials and lo and behold, I cannot start anything because of that power interruption. It’s like a surprise birthday party where the candles and the gifts wrapped in paper that are waiting to be thrown away and the food are the only ones missing.

Good thing is that the power resumed at 9am because I do not want to be there just sitting around counting the minutes until the sound from the generator (which is only used for the lights and the elevator in the building) transformed into silence.

I do not know the reason for the occurrence of the power interruption in Makati. Was it something related to politics? I hope not. It would be a pretty childish way I tell you.

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