Journey to the Center of the Earth

I just watched Journey to the Center of the Earth last night with Sha. The film is directed by Eric Brevig. The movie stars Brendan Frasier (Trevor Anderson), Josh Hutcherson (Sean Anderson), and Anita Briem (Hannah √Åsgeirsson). The movie is based on the book “Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Jules Verne in a modern setting.

Seeing this film in 2D does not really impress me that much with the special effects that have been used in past films already. I guess seeing this film in 3D would have made a big difference. Nevertheless it’s a fun movie to watch especially with the action scenes.

To me, it seems that their journey to the center of the earth is just like going to a dangerous theme park where a roller coaster has dead-end and or broken tracks, flying piranhas while you’re on a raft, an obstacle race with a path of floating magnetic stones, race of death with a T-Rex and getting yourself out from a volcanic tube using a flare.

In addition, it’s weird to get a mobile phone call at the center of the earth. Also, I’d expect Sean’s mother to call any time just to check on how her son is doing. And of course she did not know is that her son is in a middle of an ocean with flying piranhas. 😀

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