Jopay and Akap on MYX

Finally, I was able to see the music videos of Jopay (by Mayonnaise – Winner of the 2004 Red Horse Muziklaban) and Akap (by Imago) on MYX OPM Countdown.

The video of Jopay has a great concept. Instead of Jopay of Sex Bomb Dancers being on the video itself, it was made to appear that she’s there through a shadow. Just imagine you’re seeing the shadow of Jopay dancing to the tune of Spaghetti and Laban o Bawi. The video was even made wackier by Monty (vocalist and guitarist of Mayonnaise).

As for the video of Akap, it has a simple concept. It’s main story is that, Zach (drummer) and Aia (vocalist and guitarist) had a fight and to cool things up, Aia was locked inside the trunk of Zach’s car. As for Tim (lead guitarist) and Myrene (bassist), they also had a fight and Myrene went down the car and she walked towards a carnival. Then, Tim, also got off the car and went after Myrene. They found themselves in some sort of a carousel, but not a carousel with horses. Hehe! The video ended with a hug which is very much apt for its title although it’s very much predictable.

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