Job Hunting Extravaganza

And my sister does not even know that there was a Job Expo at DLSU since Monday. How blind could she get? Yuchengco building is just in front of the LS building. In addition to that, there were posters about the Job Expo.

I was able to learn it from one of my thesismates when I texted him, and asked if he already has a job. He said that there’s a Job Expo at DLSU and I was surprised that my sister was not even aware of it.

Since first year college, I’ve seen Job Expo’s and I was aware of such. Of course, in first year, I did not participate in one since I was 4 years away from a college degree. When I reached fourth year images of me getting a diploma and images of me unemployed after graduation popped out and then, Job Expo became a big deal to me. I paid 5 pesos which is the tradition entrance fee and observed what’s like in a Job Expo.

Of course, when I was in fourth year, I did not bother to apply for an SSS number. I applied for it when I was already in my last term. And that was the time when different call centers dominated the Job Expo.

When you go to a mall, you will usually see a bunch of Credit Card people and some Real Estate people giving away brochures and application forms offering you burnaby homes for sale. It was really annoying on my part since I usually wear I-cannot-afford-credit-cards get-up and I-still-cannot-buy-house-and-lots-with-my-allowance. But, I have nothing against the credit card guys and real estate guys. They have a very decent job and they are just making a living. It’s just that they’d remind me of HR’s of call centers on how agressive they are. And when I say agressive, I really mean it.

I know that the call centers here in the Philippines actually helped the others in saving them from the brink of unemployment. And they say that, “A job is still a job.” And also, they’d say that, “It pays well.” Yeah, I know that it pays well only if you agree to live in a vampire lifestyle with an erratic schedule that could be changed every week (so far this is the worst that I’ve heard).

But do you want to limit your potentials just because it pays well? You know that you can do actually better than that and you know that you want to get out of it the soonest time possible.

Anyway, there were a lot of good companies (thank God!). And thank God again, they’re related to the course that I have finished. Of course I’d want an experience which is something related to my course. And that something would make my parents feel happy because they spent a whole lot just for me to finish studying. If that field won’t make me feel contented, I could try another career path which is something related to my interests and just in case you do not know what are my interests, please do check out the Profile section.

That’s it for now. I have another interview tomorrow and a Job Expo to attend to.

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