IveBeenHere got featured in Inquirer.net

IveBeenHere, is a Facebook app that I’ve worked on with Melvin Vivas. The app aims to promote Philippine tourism. It is an interactive Facebook app that utilizes Facebook features such as the publishing a feed story to a user’s profile every time an app user tags a place that he/she has been to or a place that he/she wants to go to, and other activities such as sharing photos from a Facebook album to a particular place, comments/reviews you made on a place and seeing the activity feed of your friends who have added the app on the home page of the app.

Enhances will also be rolled out pretty soon like adding a section in your profile and such. 🙂

Anyway, you can read the article featured at Inquirer.Net, it’s title is Facebook app promotes RP tourism. Thanks to Ka Edong who plurked about it where Erwin Oliva is one of his contacts there. Thanks to Erwin for being interested to feature the Facebook app and thanks to Lawrence Casiraya who met up with us just yesterday for the interview.

We weren’t really expecting the article to be up in the site within the day. 🙂 And because of the article, the app users have increased dramatically to 280+ users. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’ve added the app. 🙂

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