iPod Touch rocks


Since iPod touch has been released, I’ve been drooling over it in the Apple website and checking the guided tours and reading stuff about it. I love the user experience that has been offered by iPod touch. I just got myself (advanced Christmas gift to myself) an 8GB iPod touch with a 3 percent discount from the Apple store in Greenbelt 3. I was tempted to order one in eBay but there are a lot of fake gadgets. Thus, I did not take the risk in paying for a ripped off gadget.

Since iPod Touch is compatible with iTunes 7.4 and up, I downloaded iTunes 7.5 last night and the download was pretty slow. I guess the reason for the slow internet connection is that it was raining last night. I also updated the iPod software while loading 400+ songs into it. I also synched some videos and photos to be able to test all the features.

I tested the built in Safari browser using my WiFi connection here at home. I also tested YouTube and the iTunes store. Of course I did not buy music from the iTunes store. 😀

Anyway, I am very pleased with my iPod touch. It should have come with a case though 😀

Updated post: picture added 😀

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