Ipanema and Haribon Walkathon: I Walked the Green Mile

People who know me well would get startled that I participated in a walkathon event because my main physical activities (the ones that I do on a daily basis) are: getting up from bed, walking towards the fridge and some computer-related stuff like typing, moving the mouse and so on. Before the walkathon, I was quite nervous how long are we supposed to walk. However, such thought didn’t discourage me from joining the walkathon. I joined because I want to be one of those building awareness on the destruction of Philippine rainforests.

How can you help?

For every pair of Ipanema flip-flops sold, a donation will be made to Haribon Foundation’s Rainforestation Organizations and Advocates (ROAD to 2020). For the next 11 years, Haribon hopes to plant 1 million hectares of local rainforests.

By the way, if you’re getting Ipanema flip-flops, you might as well check out the Gisele B√ºndchen Seeds Collection (newly-launched flip-flops from Ipanema). The said collection includes 5 syles. 😉

The Walkathon

The walkathon started from Le Souffle (Fort Strip). We passed around Bonifacio High Street and went back from where we started. It’s actually a short walk since I was able to walk more than the estimated distance (which is 1 mile).

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