Independence Day

June 12 is indeed one of the dates to be remembered. June 12 is our day of Independence (as the constitution says so). The question is, were we really free one the 12th of June, year 1898? In fact, we were not really free yet. We were still under the Americans and then the Japanese took over and then with McArthur’s comeback, independence was gained.
However, the date here is not the main issue. The issue here is that, have we really gained our independence? I still believe that we are not really independent. It is just written on paper, written by ink and not by blood. Why is this so? This is because of the mere truth that the Philippine Government remains to be a puppy of the US Government. What America says, the Philippine government does.
Colonial mentality is already an old issue like what I have mentioned above. For example, when it comes to toothpaste, we have local brands here but still, the one that is being bought by the public is a foreign brand. Colgate is already a household name, and it is a foreign brand. I admit that here in our home we use Colgate and we all know that here in our country and elsewhere, Colgate is synonymous to Toothpaste. Instead of saying toothpaste, everyone says Colgate. It’s already generic. And yes, we are not truly free if we have this colonial mentality.
Now, answer the question, are you free?

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