Incubus Tracks on my iPod

In lieu of the Incubus concert later, I’m posting here the 5 tracks that I have in my iPod. Anyway, I’ll not be watching the concert, I’m hoping that The Killers, U2, and Dave Matthews Band (and some other foreign bands in my list) will come here. 😀

1. Talk Shows on Mute (A Crow Left of the Murder)
Released: February 2004

2. Megalomaniac (A Crow Left of the Murder)
Released: February 2004

The track Talk Shows on Mute is the second most played track in in that particular album. Obviously, Megalomaniac is the most played track there. If I want some music to keep me up, Megalomaniac would be one of the tracks that I would listen to. But if I want something quite relaxing and moderately up-beat at the same time, that would be Talk Shows on Mute.

3. I Miss You (Make Yourself)
Released: October 1999

4. Stellar – acoustic version (Make Yourself)
Released: October 1999

So far, these two tracks from the album Make Yourself are the cheesiest Incubus songs in my iPod. Perhaps, the song I Miss You has the most plagiarized parts you could see from a rocker lover (yes, a rocker lover.. :p). Some examples:

To see you when I wake up
is a gift I didn’t think could be real.
To know that you feel the same as I do
is a three-fold, utopian dream.
– I Miss You by Incubus

Or it could be this one,

I see your picture, I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine.
You have only been gone ten days, but already I’m wasting away.
– I Miss You by Incubus

Anyway, a certain part of the song Stellar suggests that it’s a “make-out” song in some way:

Meet me in outer space
I will hold you close, if you’re afraid of heights
I need you to see this place, it might be the only way;
that I can show you how
It feels to be inside you
– Stellar by Incubus

5. Wish You Were Here (Morning View)
Released: October 2001

This is another “emo” track from Incubus. Certainly, this line “I wish you were here” is perhaps the most overused line ever!

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