In the Line for Nothing

Have you fallen in a long line such that you felt all the more frustrated by the time you reach in front? I experienced it last Wednesday and it was the 15th. For some obvious reason, you would happen to guess that I was in a long line of corporate (or not) slaves waiting to get some hard-earned cash only to find out that there’s no money in the ATM and that I will have to search for the nearest ATM with a longer line. The only thing that I was able to do in the first queue is to check my balance. At least there was good news and the good news was that the pay is complete even though the pay slip was not given to us yet.

After the first queue, I went to the basement and found myself in a situation that I want to get out of quickly. Such situation has brought me back to the days when I was waiting in line at UP Diliman having the purpose of passing the requirements so that I could take my UPCAT. Let me also include the days when I have to adjust my schedule when I was still in 4th year college. However, the pre-UPCAT days were more tiring than waiting in front of the ATM where 14 people were in front of me. Let me also add the fact that during the pre-UPCAT days, we were waiting in line under the sun. Although it was a really long wait, at least I was with my high school friend that is now based in America. When I was in line in front of the other people including the ATM, I was making a countdown of people that were in front of me. I guess I should try better than that.

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