Imago’s Take 2

I dropped by at Imago’s Album Launch yesterday so that I could purchase the CD that I have been absolutely waiting for. I arrived early at Freedom Bar, around 7:30pm. At that time, they were already having a soundcheck because it’s not just an ordinary gig for them, it’s their album launch. After some time, I was able to buy a copy of the CD. It’s worth PhP 250 with a free poster. Also, I was surprised to see my name at the credits section. Hehe!

Front Sleeve of Imago’s album Take 2

By the way, I just discovered that the new title of Untitled is Akap and not Bangkang Papel. The tracks included in the album are:

1. Freefall
2. Phoenix
3. Akap
4. Bihag
5. Taning
6. Anino
7. Reset
8. Gratitude
9. One Way
10. Soft Return
11. Rush
12. Roasted Anino Mix (Wolfmann)
13. (P)reset (Squid9)
14. Taning/Mahal kong Kalaguyo (Morse)
15. Taning/Ipagpatuloy ang Kasalanan (Morse)

A closer look at the CD itself

The album art has a nice concept. Imagine, a shooting having a take 2 shot which is very much appropriate because it is their second album. Also, the layout and the photography are nicely done. With that, I commend Tim Cacho for the design and layout and Aldwin Aspillera for the photography.

As for the music quality, the tracks are nicely recorded and mixed. The album was recorded at Track Studios. The mastering was done by Zach Lucero himself. He also mastered the album of the Goth band, The Late Isabel.

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