IHMS 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming

The sponsoring batches for the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming of IHMS are Batch 1999 and Batch 1994. I’m from Batch 1999, my brother is from Batch 1994 although he stayed there up to grade 3 and my younger sister is from Batch 2003. After entering the campus, I looked first for my High School girl bestfriend, Ruth Jade. She was our Class Valedictorian and I could still recall how she moved the batch and the parents of the students to tears upon reciting her Valedictory Address. I lost contact with her after first year college. I lost her landline number and there was no way of contacting her. And when we had our OJT, one of my blockmates met her at J&J and I was able to get her contact number. However, I lost my phone. So, I lost her contact number again. It was only this year that I was able to get in touch with her again because one of my High School friends bumped into her a month ago. She has not changed that much since I last saw her. She’s still the same Ruth Jade that I have known. Too bad our group is not complete. Charina and Ronald were not able to join us there. They have work on a Saturday.

Also, I was able to see again my former teachers. My favorite teacher was there (Physics Teacher) and the teacher who interviewed me before our High School Graduation. There was also some celebrity alumni there like the one from Passage who was from Elementary Batch 1986 and Nyoy Volante who played the role of Saint Francis of Assisi for a school play.

Lastly, it was my first time to hear again our Alma Mater Hymn after five years. The funny thing was the Emcees for the night who came from Batches 2003 and 2004 were only able to sing a few lines from the song even though they parted the school only for some time.


At last, I will be acquiring my very own Alumni Card. I remember when I graduated from High School, I was complaining that why we do not have Alumni Cards. It is only after 5 years that Alumni Cards may be acquired. Thus, I applied for an Alumni Card. The Alumni Card will be sent via snail mail after 30 days.

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