Ideal Minds Launch Party

According to the host, your Wednesday nights will never be the same again because it’s gonna be Lupet! Wednesdays on IBC13. Yes, you heard it right. The production company that brought you On Air, Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel, Singles and other shows on ABC-5 will be airing five new shows on IBC-13.

On January 5, the following shows are to be premiered on IBC-13:
7pm On-Air Tambayan
8pm Direk
8:30pm Junior Reyes Reports
9pm Bestfriends
9:30pm Single Celebrity

I was able to catch a sneak preview on what the shows that I have mentioned are about. Thanks to the invite that Cha gave me.

On-Air Tambayan
On-Air was shown on ABC-5 and it’s new home is IBC-13. According to JM Rodriguez (host of On-Air Tambayan), there will be new segments. One of the new segments is Rap Debate where two hiphoppers would rap for sometime dissing each other. In fact, they had a sample rap debate at the recently concluded launch party.

If you were able to watch a Yakult Commercial, then, the name Gabe Mercado will sound familiar to you. If not by his name, by his face, or rather, his tummy which some people might call him “Okay ka ba Tiyan” instead of Gabe. Direk is a comedy about a former child star who apparently lost his spark and became a director. And assisting him to do his duties as a director is a wacky crew that needs to solicit from different companies because of the lack of budget and pulling the ratings up.

Junior Reyes Reports
Upon hearing the title of the show, you would instantly recall Jessica Soho Reports which is shown on GMA-7. However, this documentary is one-of-a-kind. It’s because that it’s a comic documentary.

This show stars William Thio and Abby Cruz. In this show, Abby would try to de-torpefy William and transform him to the Ultimate Ladies’ Man. I find the idea of the show somewhat predictable. But I guess that’s just me.

Celebrity Single
Singles, which is now known by the name Celebrity Single has a new format. In this show, Dale Villar will find the love of his life. And as I have heard the concept of the show, I had a deja vu. It’s like there was a flashback on a particular scene of the movie The Bachelor.

Enough about the shows. In the event, I was able to see my high school friends again. And we even have a picture with Ariel of Misadventures of Maverick and Ariel (gonna upload it later). And when I saw their cowboy hats, I instantly had a flashback when I had my first close encounter with them. It was at Pulp Summer Slam 2002. We were on the ledge at Amoranto Stadium drinking some beer and eating some pizza when they approached. I didn’t even know that time that such a show existed. I even asked my friend Grace to have her hand signed since we do not have a paper. I asked her just for the fun of it and she gave in. And there you go, come Monday after the Summer Slam 2002, I saw her hands on TV with the autographs of Maverick and Ariel. And yeah, the exciting part is I got to see my Pentel Pen on TV. Haha! Doesn’t it get any better? You tell your friends, “Hey, that’s my Pentel Pen on National TV!!!” After that they will give you strange-looking faces.

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