Happy Feet

happy feet movie posterI was able to watch Happy Feet last night at Greenbelt and it was certainly hilarious and educational at the same time. I saw the trailer of this film in SM Mall of Asia’s IMAX Theater and was awed by the quality of its animation. At first, it may seem that the film is just all about singing and tap dancing. In this film, you’ll see how the emperor penguins struggle for survival as they adapt with the effects of global warming. Of course, Elijah Wood is a hero once more in this movie but this time, he is not going to known with the name Frodo. This time, you’ll not see him but you’ll surely hear him as he does the voice over for Mumble, the deaf tone penguin who has a bright future in tap dancing.

Mumble is quite different from the other emperor penguins in this film be it physically or in terms of behavior. This could have been attributed by the accident when he was still inside the egg and perhaps because of being born late. This particular part of the story may be a good discussion for social sciences since issues of discrimination and conformity are being addressed in this film.

Another part of this film that is actually happening in real life is when Mumble was exiled because he was being blamed for the disappearance of the fish. This scenario can be compared when people are judging the person first before investigating. This is just one of the harsh facts of reality that we do encounter.

Aside from the indirect socio-political tones of this film, this could also be well appreciated by environmentalists or by National Geographic fans. If you have seen the documentary entitled “March of the Penguins” you would see in this film the breeding ritual of the emperor penguins during the harsh winter.

Scientists would perhaps react violently to this film if they would see the part where the penguins are afraid of humans. According to an article in National Geographic, they pay little attention to human visitors. However, there are some penguin colonies that are being affected by the presence of human.

Happy Feet is not just a heart-warming and hilarious film. This film is not just all about the latest in 3D animation by Pixar but this film is something that we could have a discussion on be it topics on social sciences, politics or environmental issues.

Story: 4 out of 5
Soundtrack: 4 out of 5
Animation Quality: 5 out of 5
Laughing factor: 5 out of 5
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

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