Happy Birthday Lola Connie

Lola Connie is the mother of our Mom. We celebrated her birthday at Sta. Maria, Bulacan (at the house of Tita Nelia). However, Lola Connie died some time ago due to diabetes. And yes, our dear grandmother has a sweet tooth. When Lola Connie was still alive, she would cook kutsinta, ginataan, ubeng halaya, leche flan, and suman. We never ran out of desserts during special occasions like Christmas. In fact, we would even bring home some of the desserts and our ultimate favorites are kutsinta, lecha flan and suman.
I have not heard Mommy and my aunts and uncles talk about Lola Connie the way they were talking about her this afternoon. I’ve heard their eulogies years back but they were crying that time. Now, they just looked back at those memories with a smile and not shedding a tear.
Just before going home, we went to the cemetery where Lola Connie was buried. It has really been a long time since I have gone there. The feeling was different when Tito Jun asked all of us to hold hands together and pray for Lola Connie. I felt good afterwards and I felt that we are all united at that very moment, that we have all the same sentiments together regarding Lola Connie.

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