Going Back to Playstation 1 Madness

Sony Playstation 1 still rocks! I tried playing a game where you ride on a skateboard and do the stunts but then, I suck at it. I cannot even finish the first stage. And so, I asked if they have Tekken 3 which includes in the list of my favorite fighting games. I felt like I was transported back in time when I was so much into Playstation such that I even bought some magazines featuring certain Playstation games that I like. Of course, the magazines have cheats and tips. I remember before when I was so much into Mortal Kombat, I researched all the fatality moves, and the friendship moves (these are the special moves that one makes just before the opponent dies). As for Street Fighter, I also did some researching on their special moves.

What’s best about Tekken 3 is that there are characters there that you are about to unlock. I find the game exciting and challenging as well. Of all the characters, Heihachi is the hardest to beat which is everyone’s opponent for Stage 9 if you’re in the Arcade Mode. The last opponent, Ogre, is not much of a problem. Just recently, we were able to unlock Anna, Julia, Bryan, Gun Jack, Mokujin, and Kuma (also called Panda). We were able to do it in one sitting. Hehe.

There’s also a game mode (is it Street mode?) where you have to face generic opponents (like Falcon, Crow, etc.) and then if you were able to get a chicken, your health increases. Finally, when you have killed all the generic opponents, you will have to defeat the boss for that stage (could be any character from this game) so that you could proceed to the next. There are four stages in this game mode. I’m not sure what will be the prize for you if ever you have completed it.

Right now, I am not much of an electronic gamer unlike before. But, it is still nice to go back to the electronic gaming madness if you just want to feel like a kid again.

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