Global Battle of the Bands

The Global Battle of the Bands is the biggest music event that will certainly rock your world. And their objective is to bring the best talents to a wider audience. The prize at stake is one hundred grand. And yes, it is in US dollars. The said event is held annually where local qualifying events are organized in different countries around the world (the first GBOB was in November 2004 and it was held in London City). Qualified bands will be then forwarded to the Global Battle of the Bands World Finals which is held in a different major city each year. But before you join, there are two rules that you should keep in mind, (1) no cover songs and, (2) prohibition of the use of pre-recorded music. You also do not have to worry because GBOB did not said that the particular band should be in this particular genre.

For the year 2005, The Philippines will be needing the best of the best that will represent in the coming GBOB. Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) will be organizing Worldwide Impact which is an event that will select the band that will represent The Philippines.

Below is the letter forwarded by one of the listers of the Imago’s Mailing List.


My name is Val Victa. I am the AVP for Marketing and Promotions of MBC (Manila Broadcasting Company)

This year, we will be organizing an event of “WORLDWIDE IMPACT”. This is THE GLOBAL BATTLE OF THE BANDS (GBOB). And I would like to invite you to consider joining for so many reasons.

GBOB is different from all the other “rock-awards” and band contests that we have, where our young people, after a night of getting “stone-drunk-and-smashed”, return the following day to the harsh grind of life without a care for what happened the previous evening. And, where the winning band goes back into “anonymity” the very next night, back to the “piso-piso-pwesto” routine. Still denied by our backward recording industry of any chance to promote themselves and the artistry of their music.

GBOB is a serious attempt at changing the lives of deserving bands, a wonderful chance for Filipino artist to be exposed and heard over TOP-RATING RADIO STATIONS – NATIONWIDE! A serious stab at putting the Philippines on the global-music map!

Beyond the $100,000.00 Grand Prize, Important Recording industry executives and personalities from Europe and America judge and observe the event. Last year’s winners from Spain, “Second” (who won first) came home to a “hero’s welcome”. Virtual Superstars.

Here in the Philippines, We at MBC have “pulled-out all the stops” to make the search for our official representatives a very interesting process.

Weekly Champions will receive PHP 20,000.00
Regional Champions will receive PHP 100,000.00

National Grand Finals:
3rd place= PHP 200,000.00
2nd place= PHP 300,000.00
Champion receives PHP 500,000.00

All Travel and Accommodation expenses for Regional Champions going to MANILA for the Grand Finals will be handled by MBC. The GLOBAL FINALS will be held in LONDON. All expenses including VISA Processing will be handled by GBOB UK.

If you’re interested, kindly call (02) 832-6156/6159/6109 to register. You may also call +63920-942-4262 or send an email to

Better yet, visit the website at and check-out the “Battle Calendars”. Don’t worry about the P600.00 per member registration fee. Just one win in the weekly finals ought to recover the reg-fee with profit! If you lose, you can register and try again on another week! Songs have to be original compos. (no covers) But the composer need not be a member of the band.

So forget all those POP-IDOL-style competitions and all other glorified Karaoke-Crap out there. GBOB is all about REAL Bands playing REAL Music. LIVE! It’s about YOUR Music. It’s about YOUR craft. It’s about YOU. And… It’s about time! Hope to see you all at the Finals. Play on!

Val Victa
Overall Project Coordinator (and former lead vocalist= The Glass
Band ’80)

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