Get Well Soon Tim

Tim Cacho of Imago

Tim Cacho is Imago’s lead guitarist and I got the news from the mailing list that he had an operation this afternoon. I was only able to check my email just this evening and I was shocked from the news since it was unexpected.

Aia posted a message around after lunch:

dear friends.

looks like tim would really need the surgery after all. he’s scheduled to be operated uopn i think around three this afternoon. i don’t exactly know the details but there are complications daw. it’s pretty serious.we need your prayers for tim. we still have yet to talk to tita chandra (tim’s mom) to confirm what really happened. when zach called tim this morning he was already woozy from the medications and couldn’t talk.

I really still have no idea what happened to Tim. I just hope that he’ll recover soon and hopefully I’ll be able to catch up with them on a gig :).

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