Gary V. Tribute Part 2 at mag:net

Gary V Tribute 2 at Mag:net Bonifacio High Street

The part 2 of the Gary V. tribute gig was held also at mag:net Bonifacio High Street just like the first part which was held last August. The gig was also organized to promote the upcoming concert of Gary Valenciano on November 14 and 15 at Araneta Coliseum. All of the bands covered one song of Gary Valenciano.

Paolo Valenciano of Salamin

The first band that performed that night is Salamin where Paolo Valenciano is the lead vocalist. Paolo Valenciano was the one who chose which songs by Gary Valenciano should be played by each band. 😀 Salamin covered “Babalik Ka rin”.

Paolo Valenciano and Gary Valenciano
Paolo Valenciano and Gary Valenciano

Zach Lucero and Aia de Leon of Imago

Imago was the next to perform after Salamin. They covered “Paano”. I like the way they covered the song especially the way they treated the guitar parts.

Marco de Leon (sessioning for Reklamo) and LC de Leon

After Imago, Reklamo performed and they really rocked mag:net with their performance onstage. Marco de Leon of Paramita sessioned for Reklamo and it was my first time to see him play bass since he’s Paramita’s guitarist. They covered the song “Shake it Off”. They got three female friends as their back-up singers onstage. 😀

Sponge Cola
Yael Yuzon of Sponge Cola

Then, Sponge Cola covered “Sana Maulit Muli” which I think is Gary Valenciano’s most covered song if I’m not mistaken. I would like to see this also being covered by a female-fronted band such as Imago.

Enzo of Severo

After Sponge Cola, Severo performed. They covered “Look in Her Eyes”. Severo added a fusion of funk and rock to the song. In one of Severo’s songs that they played that night, Rinka Romero of the Rinka Collective performed with them.

Diego Mapa of Pedicab

Then, Pedicab covered “Heto na Naman”. Of course, “Heto na Naman” had the Pedicab treatment all over it, the synths, the effects and the “dunk music” treatment. 😀 All of them are wearing the same shirt that night and Jason Caballa is using RA Rivera’s Hello Kitty Guitar! 😀

Sandwich, Chicosci, and Greyhoundz also performed that night. Please do check out the other pictures here.

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