I have not watched a single episode of Friends on TV. Thanks to the pirates of intellectual property rights. Now, I could watch it on DVD without the commercial breaks. I finished watching episodes 1 to 7 of Friends. And I enjoyed watching it. The experience of watching Friends is like your sentimental mood would be shifted to a laughing mood. The dialogues are witty and if you watch the series at a different perspective, you will notice that there are some issues involved.

Such issues like, going independent, which Jennifer Aniston chose instead of marrying an orthodontist that she does not love which is another issue again. Also, an issue on divorce where Ross (Jeff Swchindler) had a divorce with his wife who left him for another girl which also shows another issue on lesbians. Also, issues on polygamy were tackled when Chandler went out with an Italian girl who already has a husband and other boyfriends as well. At the same time, the issue of to be in a real relationship or just a sexual relationship was brought about.

Some good laughs there were Joey was excited to play as Al Pacino’s butt and then Lisa Kudrow told something about Joey Tribiani’s ass. Also, in another episode, Chandler would want to have a copy of the tape where Jill (the girl who was stuck inside the bank with him) kissed him on the cheek. He talked in front of the surveillance camera and announced his account number and expressed that he would like to have a copy of the tape which seems pathetic.

Friends is not just your ordinary comedy series. It’s a TV series where you could do some philosophizing afterwards.

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