Free Mobile Internet Surfing this Friday Only from Smart!


Yay! The secret has just been unveiled. Smart Communications will be offering free mobile internet surfing for one whole day this coming Friday (July 30, 2010). 😀 This is available to Smart prepaid and Smart postpaid subscribers. However, Smart BRO subscribers are not included in this one-day only promo. 😀

Let’s have a recap of the clues that they gave in their Facebook page.
July 23: Here’s the 1st clue about what’s up next Friday, July 30: It’s not a new endorser 😉

July 26: Good morning! Here’s Clue#2: d~ xIA JeJEMON~ p0wH. In fact, “SOCIAL” ito!

July 26: We’re beating the gloomy Tuesday morning with Clue # 4 about something “big and free” this July 30: It will make your Friday fun, wherever you are! 😀

Some have speculated that Smart will be offering adult mobile content, will be giving away free beers and free p0rn. But I don’t think they’d be doing such thing. 😀 Some even thought that they will unlimited calls and texts and unlimited Facebook ( Some also speculated that it’s the TST promo but they have announced it already. 😀

Obviously, the closest speculation is unlimited Facebook. However, this does not pertain to which is being offered by some carriers. This TGI-free-day from Smart will let you post and read in Twitter, Plurk, Facebook, and other social networking sites for 24 hours on July 30. You can also check your email all-day-long whether it’s Yahoo! or GMail. And yes, you can surf whatever site you wish to go to. 😉

– You need at least one peso maintaining balance if you’re a Prepaid subscriber
– Weekly and monthly packages can still be purchased during T.G.I.Freeday but will not have extra days of validity
– Availment of daily packages will not be allowed on T.G.I.Free-day. Best experienced with 3G, HSPA, HSDPA network.

To learn more about T.G.I.Freeday, read the FAQs in their Facebook Page.

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