Former Child Star Turned FHM Cover Girl

Child stars do not remain to be child stars. They grow up. They’re not living in the imaginary world called Neverland where their utter cuteness remains forever where cuteness is not necessarily associated with the aesthetic design of their face. It could be something more like being on the lighter side of the industry called show business. However, there is a word in the dictionary called change, transition, and growth. But when we talk about rapid transformation, things get pretty controversial and shocking at the same time. My oh my, you’ll be surprised to learn that Camille Pratts is FHM’s cover girl for this month. I can still remember the Ang TV days and I just can’t help but reminisce every 430pm at any time of the week (except for Saturdays and Sundays). I cannot imagine Camille Pratts as an FHM cover girl. All I remember about her is the Esmyuskee’s and other jokes that I thought were funny before that seem to be spattered with corn all over it when I gained maturity on the idea of what’s really funny or not. Just imagine that there’s a bubble on the FHM cover saying, Esmyuskee or the famous 430 na, Ang TV na.

The Ang TV memories cannot still get out of my system yet. It’s like I’m not ready to digest the idea of Camille Pratts doing a sexy film anytime soon.

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