Folk U Night at .MOV fest

Ely Buendia at Folk U - 4
Ely Buendia

Me and Sha were so glad that we were able to make it to one of the .MOV fest activities last Saturday. We are both Folk U first-timers. Even though the venue in Podium is quite bigger than that of the ones we usually go to (i.e. Saguijo, etc.), we felt that it was an intimate gig. 

Hannah and Gabi at Folk U - 5
Hannah and Gabi (Is the name inspired by of The Lemonheads’ song of the same title?)

Hannah and Gabi is the side project of Mikey Amistoso. I hope Mikey does finish the album soon so we could get one. One of the highlights of his set was when he played the ukulele. 

Tao Aves at Folk U
Tao Aves

It’s not the first time I’ve seen Tao Aves performed live. The last time I’ve seen her was in Obsidian. Hearing her powerful voice plus the keyboards and the guitars makes your Folk U night aural experience a memorable one.

Enrique de Dios at Folk U - 7
Enrique de Dios

It was my first time to see Enrique de Dios of Brigada to play a stringed instrument because I’m so used to see him play percussion instruments. 😀 For Brigada fans, this set should not be missed because this is the kind of set that you don’t usually get to watch.¬†

Aldus Santos at Folk U - 7
Aldus Santos

It’s a pleasure to see Aldus Santos (of The Purplechickens and one of my favorite music writers) perform solo on-stage with the minimalist acoustic guitar. 🙂 I wish I took a video but I was so engrossed in taking photos.

Khavn dela Cruz of Fando and Lis at Folk U - 2
Fando and Lis (Is the name based on the film Fando and Lis?)

Fando and Lis is a folk duo composed of Khavn dela Cruz (director of .MOV fest) and Ledh dela Cruz. Khavn plays the keyboards (and sings too) while Ledh is the vocalist. 

Ace Cada at Folk U
Ace Cada

It’s my first time to see Ace Cada (of Bagetsafonik) perform solo on-stage without his band mates.¬†

TOI at Folk U - 15
Pauline Diaz of TOI

Pauline Diaz’ mesmerizing voice is the one that I’m looking forward to every time I watch TOI. Only Pat Tirano (guitars) and Pauline Diaz (vocals) shared the stage. Enrique de Dios jammed with them too. 🙂

Vin Dancel and Kakoi Legaspi at Folk U - 9
Vin Dancel

Vin Dancel and Kakoi Legaspi at Folk U - 7
Kakoy playing the thumb piano

Half of Peryodiko (Vin Dancel and Kakoy Legaspi) performed that night. Kakoy surprised us that night by playing a thumb piano. The thumb piano is an African musical instrument. Check out this video clip I recorded where you will see Kakoi playing the thumb piano. 

Jesse Grinter and Raimund Marasigan at Folk U - 6
Jesse Grinter of Gaijin

Jesse Grinter performed with Raimund Marasigan (both from Gaijin). Raimund Marasigan played drums where he brought his Floor Tom and a Snare drum. 🙂


Ely Buendia’s set that night is like an overview of his career as a musician in reverse chronological order. He played a song from Pupil, The Mongols and The Eraserheads.

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