Fete de la Musique 2005

Everytime I go to Fete, it’s as if I’m attending a reunion of sorts. It’s like I was reunited with the world of bandistas and I’d say that the experience was really fun and worth it even if it seemed that all of Manila’s population are in Ortigas or something like you’re in a People Power rally. I arrived at SM Megamall around 3pm and met up with Melle at Powerbooks. Afterwards, we went directly to Podium. Then, we checked if there’s a Kodak inside so that I could have some pictures printed. When I saw the picture company, we went inside to ask if they were printing. Yes, they were indeed printing digital pictures but the only size that they could print for me is an 8R and it’s 300 bucks. And I have to print three pictures. It’s supposed to be a gift for my Dad and my brother since it’s Father’s day and at the same time, it’s my brother’s birthday.

We went outside again to check what’s happening at the alternative stage. As we got there, the band of my friend is about to set-up (Ang Bandang Shirley). They’re a 5-piece band that consists of a vocalist (Owel), Ai (keyboardist), bassist, guitarist and drummer. Unfortunately I do not know the names of the other members of the band. Then, we bumped into Alsey (Paramita’s bassist) and we headed to UCC. At UCC, I was introduced to some people from Vicor Music. After some time, Ria (vocalist of Paramita) arrived with Yey, Ja and friends where I forgot their names for some reason that I have poor memory recall when it comes to names but I can remember what they exactly look like. Then, we went outside to watch PinoyStories which is a really great band. Afterwards, we went up again at UCC and then Normz arrived with Noreen and Paolo (did some violin parts in Paramita’s album). Then, my friend Hazel arrived and our laugh trip days at Starbucks Taft rushed in my head again.

Ria of ParamitaWhen it was Paramita’s turn to play, we went outside. It’s a good thing that there’s not much crowd yet since I’ll have the opportunity to take pictures in front of the stage. Paramita rocked the crowd with Panaginip Lang and Takipsilim (their single that is included in the playlist of NU107 and K-Lite). Also, it was my first time to see Normz play with his new electric guitar that he bought when he was having his vacation in US. By the way, in last year’s Fete de la Musique, they were supposed to play. However, they were not able to play since it has been cancelled when the heavy rains and winds invaded Eastwood City. This year was indeed a blessing to the band for having being able to play despite of the early 6:30pm time slot.

After Paramita’s set, I bumped into Joeyboy who called my attention. That’s how small the world is at Fete. You could just bump into any blogger even though there wasn’t a scheduled blogger’s meet-up or we could just use the over-used term in online communities (EB). Afterwards, I met up with some high school friends, Aimae and Sheila and then, we went to El Pueblo to check out the Main Stage and the Alternative Stage. While Sheila is having her newly-bought necklace just in front of Tequila Joe’s altered, we were able to catch Kadangyan (a Cebu-based group). Because I was starving already, we went to Racks for dinner. While we were having our dinner, Rhoda arrived. We were having the time of our life there laughing at jokes and telling stories about our Magic Mic nights. And there you go, Rhoda was just laughing. And guess what, she did not change. She has the same laugh like the last time we hanged out. Hehe. Then, Bellie arrived with her usual first-liner which made Rhoda laughed. At Rack’s, I was also able to bump into Pattoys and Don (my sister’s bestfriends) and to some Imago mailing list friends (Xavier and the gang).

After staying at Rack’s, we went back to Podium to watch some more. While we were going there, it’s as if there’s a People Power Rally. While we were passing through a huge crows, Sheila and the Insects (a Cebu-based band) was performing. I was also able to watch Hale and I was successful in being able to take some pictures of their vocalist due to the request of some of my friends. Aside from Hale, the other bands that I was able to catch are The Late Isabel, Pedicab, Barbie’s Cradle and Up Dharma Down. I missed the performances of Imago, Jr. Kilat, Cynthia Alexander and others.

After Up Dharma Down’s set, we decided to go home and even though we were really tired, we enjoyed this year’s Fete de la Musique.

More pictures available at my Flickr account.

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