Feng Shui

WARNING: If you have not watched Feng Shui yet, close your eyes then skip this entry. Hehe.

I just watched Feng Shui with my friends at Robinsons Place Manila. I was annoyed of some of the people inside the moviehouse because the movie was just about to start and I already heard someone screaming.

The movie has a nice cinematography and the musical score is very effective indeed. However, I have noticed some loop-hole in the story itself. Kris Aquino could have just tried calling Lotlot de Leon or Illonah Jean. She just went straight ahead to Illonah Jean’s house without even calling her. Also, the movie has become predictable. In the movie, Lotlot is born under the Year of the Horse. Then, when she is about to close the window, a drunk man was calling her. My prediction was she was going to be killed by the man who (maybe) drank some Red Horse Beer. And yes, she was indeed killed by the drunk man. She fell of the window and her body was found over the cases and bottles of Red Horse Beer. Also, I have noticed that the film is like a rip-off of Ringu and The Eye.
But, I think that this movie is one of the best Filipino Horror movies that I have seen.

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