Fear Factor: Facing the Fear of Heights


Ever since I was a kid I have fear of heights. Well, not really fear of heights but fear of falling down the stairs that are steep and narrow. For instance, I did not make it to the top at the viewing area of the Chocolate Hills at Bohol. As I was halfway reaching the top, I stopped over at the side. Even though there are railings, I felt that it was not enough to protect me from danger. When we were about to cross the hanging bridge, I said to myself that I will cross it and face that fear. Eventually, I was able to cross it. I was kinda slow in crossing it though but it really did not matter to me. The bridge is sort of slippery and the slippers that I am wearing are really not appropriate for this kind of surface condition anyways. Of course, I’m happy that I was able to cross the bridge without getting any scars hehehe.

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