Fatal Posporos and Twisted Halo Reunion gigs at Saguijo

Fatal Posporos at Admit One

Aside from the Fatal Posporos and the Twisted Halo reunion gigs that were held at Saguijo, Sugarfree’s drummer Mitch Singson, played with his former bandmates. 🙂

The last time that I saw Fatal Posporos was in Fete de la Musique in the year that I cannot recall. I think that was held in El Pueblo. It was nice to see Annette, Kris and Donna share the same stage and singing the old songs. 😀

Twisted Halo Reunion Gig at Admit One
Vin Dancel of the now-defunct band Twisted Halo

Twisted Halo was not complete since Buddy Zabala and Monmon weren’t present. But they have someone playing for the drums and the bass parts respectively.

Sugarfree (Original Line up) at Admit One
Mitch Singson – Sugarfree’s former drummer

It’s nice to see Mitch Singson performed with Sugarfree once more. And guess what? They played five of the songs from the first album! The songs included in the setlist were Mariposa, Telepono, Insomnia, etc. to name a few. Anyway, Sha has a copy of the setlist! 😀

Aside from Fatal Posporos, Sugarfree and Twisted Halo, the other bands that performed that night are Cambio and Blast Ople (already in its 10th year in the gig circuit).

The gig was organized by Admit One Productions at Saguijo and it was my first time to attend an Admit One gig. 😀

More photos here.

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