Eyes: Windows through your soul

What does my eyes tell you here?

Eyes are said to be windows of one’s soul. Eyes can portray different emotions. You may smile but you may not be really happy. It’s either your angry, scared, or sad and or some other mood.

As what have said in Mona Lisa Smile,

“She is smiling, but is she really happy?”

Sometimes, people just smile to hide their true emotions. It’s like you are Doctor Jekyll on the outside but you are really Mr. Hyde on the inside. It is also like you are saying something, but you mean the other way around.

There are certain instances when you really have to hide your emotions. Such instances where you are around people that are not close to you and when you show them your true emotions, then they will suddenly be like Boy Abunda asking intriguing questions on what happened and later on it will be the Headline for the week. What’s worse, it could be even for a month, imprinted on the minds of people around you. And when everyone knows about it, they will sympathize with you instead of empathizing with you. You would hear the words such as I feel sorry for you and all that.

In fact, one should not sympathize. It only would boil down to the person pitying himself or herself.

Therefore, when you talk to someone, do not just observe if his or her lips shaped as a letter C rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. You’ll never know when you looked into the eyes of that person if the real emotion, as projected by his or her eyes, is like the letter C rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

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