Everybody was thinking what we’re thinking

It’s a Sunday. Everyone’s too lazy to watch movies. They’d rather stay home, pig out and sleep all day long. And so, we had a crazy idea of going out to watch a movie at Glorietta. Of course, it’s not The Da Vinci Code nor Poseidon. And the only for-kids-film showing at Glorietta that we were not able to watch is Over the Hedge which is something my nephews would enjoy. And I felt bad because we fell in line for nothing because we were not able to watch the said film. Also, I felt bad just the same because my nephews are so excited to watch it and they were not able to do so. Thanks to the five out of seven cinemas of Glorietta 4 that are showing The Da Vinci Code. I really find it a bit exagerrating to have five out of cinemas devoted to just one movie. And so, we went to BF Paranaque’s Ruins to buy some DVDs to watch. And when we got home, I just slept while all of them watched The Wild. I hope by Wednesday they have reduced the five slots devoted to The Da Vinci Code down to three.

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