Esmi: Recipient of Miko Sotto’s Left Cornea

Jolina Magdangal and Esmi at GMA-7

Vic Sotto, Arnold Clavio, Ali Sotto and Esmi at Daddy Di Do Du’s Dressing Room

Danica Sotto and Esmi

Ruby Rodriguez, Danica Sotto, Maxine Magalona, some guy and Esmi

Esmi is the recipient of Miko Sotto’s left cornea. I was at the shoot of Emergency when they brought Esmi to the set of Daddy Di Do Du which is said to be her favorite show. Prior to meeting the cast of Daddy Di Do Du, she met up with Ali Sotto, the mother of Miko Sotto. Ali Sotto was in tears as she held Esmi. After that, Duday was brought to the set and she was really awed by her presence. Afterwards, she was brought to the dressing room of the cast of Daddy Di Do Du where she met Vic Sotto, Maxine Magalona, Danica Sotto, some guy and Ruby Rodriquez.
This shoot was scheduled last Wednesday and this was aired last Friday.

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