Eraserheads Reunion Concert: 08.30.2008

Eraserhead Reunion Concert daw

POST UPDATED: Songs that were supposed to be played in the second set

The first imagery that Sha and me saw while we were on our way to the concert venue riding The Fort bus is the sign above. Indeed, all roads lead to Fort Bonifacio Global City Open Grounds. And so, instead of going inside at the right side of the stage, we went to the left side of the stage for the VIP entrance since we already know where most people will come in. 😀

Anyway, we saw Jazz Nicolas doing a sound check. And I was right, Jazz Nicolas performed with the band playing keyboards and or tambourine. Then, when we saw the tech people setting up the guitars, there was an instant spoiler on how’s the band entrance will be like.

L-R: Dong Abay, Jugs Jugueta

We waited there for hours because we want the best position in the VIP area and all I can say is that it’s all worth it. Anyway, we saw some band people amongst the SVIP like Dong Abay and Jugs Jugueta (Itchyworms). We also discovered there that Kelvin (Itchyworms) is good with group self-portrait shots. 😀 See the evidence below 😀

Us with Kelvin of Itchyworms 😀

Francis Reyes waving

Francis Reyes (The Dawn) was also there and while Sha was taking the picture (because she has a better view), he was just waving. Hehe. 😀 Sha also had her picture taken with Ebe (Sugarfree and Cambio).

After some time, a countdown appeared on the screen. It’s the longest 10 minutes ever. My heart leaped for joy when I saw it in screen because finally, I will be able to see them perform once again. They had a grand entrance wherein they were elevated from the ground up to the stage. And before they show up on-stage, there’s a short AVP to hype the audience more. 😀 However, I was already expecting that. Before the song Alapaap ended, there were fireworks. I salute the production team for making this first song really special. 🙂

Here’s the setlist:
1. Alapaap
2. Ligaya
3. Sembreak
4. Hey Jay
5. Harana
6. Fruitcake
7. Toyang
8. Kamasupra
9. Kailan
10. Huwag kang matakot
11. Kaliwete
12. With a Smile
13. Shake Yer Head
14. Huwag mo nang itanong
15. Lightyears

After the first 15 songs, Ely suddenly sat down on stage as if he’s not feeling well. Then after that, another countdown was shown on screen. This time, it’s a 20-minute countdown that was not even finished when Raymund, Marcus, and Buddy appeared on-stage with Ely Buendia’s sister Laly announced that the concert will be cut short since Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital. I surmised that he’s going to be brought to Makati Medical Center since it’s the nearest hospital there (and yes it’s confirmed in the news).

Ely Buendia is already fine as reported by earlier.

Anyway, some people are still hoping for a part two but I don’t think it’s recommended. I just hope Sony-BMG will still come up with a DVD of the Eraserheads Reunion Concert. 😀

By the way, here are the songs that was supposed to be played for the second set (source is one Eraserheads lister who has some photos here of the event):

1. Maskara
2. Poorman’s Grave
3. Torpedo
4. Trip to Jerusalem
5. Back to Me
6. Maselang Bahaghari
7. Maling Akala
8. Tikman
9. Spolarium
10. Magasin
11. Para sa Masa
12. Overdrive
13. Pare Ko
14. Minsan
15. Ang Huling El Bimbo

As what I have expected, El Bimbo will be the last song. In addition, these set of 15 songs were supposed to be broke down into two sets (10 songs and 5 songs). Each set should have a 20 minute break.

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