Epiphone Les Paul

My friend Vida is selling her Epiphone Les Paul guitar for 15,000 pesos (negotiable). And I am tempted to buy the guitar because it’s a really nice electric guitar. Who does not want to have an Epiphone guitar anyway? Epiphone is written in history. Its history dates back to the 1870s.

It’s not practical for me to buy an electric guitar. First, I do not have a band and I do not have the luxury of time to be in a band. Of course, I would invest in this guitar if I have a band. In fact, Paul McCartney of The Beatles still uses his Epiphone Casino guitar according to the Epiphone Wikipedia entry. Ace Frehley of KISS used an Epiphone Les Paul. John Connolly and Vince Hornsby of Sevendust have been endorsers of Epiphone guitars. Also, Ray Toro of My Chemical Romance uses an Epiphone Les Paul.

In buying an Epiphone guitar, you should check the serial number information since it contains info on where it is manufactured and when it was manufactured.

An “I” at the beginning means manufactured by Sae In (Korea); “U” means by Unsung (Korea); “P” means Peerless (Korea); “S” means Samick (Korea);

“R” is manufactured by “Peerless Guitars” of Korea.(guitardaterproject.org)

DW = DeaWon (China); EA = Gibson/QingDao (China); EE = Gibson/QingDao (China); MC = Muse (China); SJ = SaeJung (China); BW = China

“B” (found on some Korina G-400 is Boh√™mia Musico-Delicia (Czech Republic);

SI = Samick Indonesia

F = Fujigen (Japan)

Example: U8034853 U= Unsung 8= 1998 03 = March 4853= manufacturing number

So if you’re interested to buy the guitar of my friend just leave a comment so that I could send you an email to contact her. 😀

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