English 101

Me and my friends went to a birthday party. We met there Maiko, a 17-year-old Japanese exchange student at St. Scholastica’s College. She is in third year high school. While we are drinking, we saw her doing her assignment. To satisfy our curiosity, we approached her and asked her what was her assignment. She told us that it was for the Cooking class. They watched a film and they were given questions to answer that is very much related to the film.
She said that she has a problem speaking in English fluently. We helped her in doing her assignment. After that, we even offered her help if she needs some tutoring in English and my other friend offered to give her guitar lessons for free.
Since time immemorial, English has been dubbed as the Universal Language. Thus, we, Filipinos are indeed truly blessed that we can speak and write English fluently. In fact, we really have a flexible tongue such that we easily learn a new language and can easily adapt the appropriate accent.
In addition, during my past job interviews and because of my recent encounter with Maiko, I could say that we are all blessed to have a bilingual educational system.

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