Protection from the high cost of inkjet cartridges, and from the moment you need the ink badly for a lower cost because of budget constraints. We now present to you, EMERGENCINK, broadcasting live from TIPIDINK Studios. This is your host, Inky.

Segment 1: The High Cost of Inkjet Cartridges
Philippines, as a third world country, is currently being threatened by the high cost of inkjet cartridges. Buying a brand new ink cartridge (black and color) would you two weeks of your grocery expenses. It is okay to buy a brand new ink if the life expectancy (which is highly dependent on the usage) would last for two months. However, if its life expectancy would be good for one week, then, your wallet is in big trouble.
In this kind of situation, you have to be practical. The only way to achieve such practicality is to refill your ink cartridge. Let us interview Tess Is regarding her experience.

INKY: So, you’re a graduating student Tess?
TESS IS: Yes Inky.

INKY: Why did you opt for refilling your inkjet cartridge instead of buying a new one?
TESS IS: Imagine, having to print a document that is worth 2 reams of paper, the black ink went kaput after printing 2 copies of our documentation. I was just being practical, you know.
INKY: Thanks for your time Tess.

Tess Is, we admire you for being such a hero to your family and among your groupmates. For displaying such act, we award you a lifetime membership card that entitles you to a 19.99 percent discount to all Ink Refilling Stations nationwide.

Segment 2: Ink Refilling Stations
Today, ink refilling stations have sprouted like mushrooms. They are everywhere, be it near a school, inside a mall, at the commercial center in your village, among others. The ink refilling stations that we have came to known are Ink For Less and INKTEC. In addition, CD-R King now sells refill kits for ink cartridges of different printer brands such as Canon, Lexmark, HP, and EPSON.

Segment 3: Cost Versus Quality
It has been said that patronizing inkjet cartridge refilling stations is cost effective. Now, the issue is the printing quality. Here are what the other people has to say (info taken from the PCX Forums).

UNO: I don’t like the quality of the colored ink cartridge. The quality is not good.
DOS: Black is okay. But beware when you reach low level ink consumption.

We recommend you that if you use your printer a whole lot, then it is practical for you to use refills. However, if you have minimal printer usage, then, you could just buy brand new cartridges.

This is Inky now signing off live from TIPIDINK Studios and watch out for the next week’s episode of EMERGENCINK!

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